Every company is now converging to microservices architectures through cloud-native design patterns for their new applications and or transforming their legacy one.

Moving to Kubernetes as an orchestrator for hosting these applications raises several questions related to operating them inside of Kubernetes, and especially how do backups?

There are several…


This article is a continuity of the previous article “Free authentication integration of Kibana with LDAP using Apache Reverse Proxy and X-PACK enabled” that demonstrate how to integrate freely Elastic/Kibana with an LDAP using an Apache reverse proxy, in this article, we will demonstrate how to integrate Elastic/Kibana with an…


Free authentication integration of Kibana with LDAP


The Elastic Stack is great, it covers many cases of data centralization, searching, and visualizations with its FREE basic subscription, when coming to sensitive data or whatever reason (for who cares), more security actions are needed like securing the access to this data.


Hamza Mourad

DevSecOps Solutions Architect

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